You don’t want to be the only one fighting for your relationship

The spell was broken. In that moment. When you were standing with him by your side but you were crying because of everything he said, because of your realization that you’ve been alone in your relationship. The only one fighting for it. The only one putting this much effort to develop it.

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Thought downpour

I believe most of us have this need to close chapters, to sum up things that have happened, to draw conclusions at the end/beginning of a new year/new stage in their lives. Here I am, doing the same. If writing is for you what it’s been for me since always, you’ll know it starts the healing process. I dedicate 2018 to healing. Perhaps after reading this, you’ll do the same, too?

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What you do when you can’t take responsibility for what you did

If you meet people on a daily basis and strike conversations with them from time to time, you make some conclusions. We all have common patterns of behaviour, but it doesn’t mean we’re all the same, but that if the patterns are common – there also may be a common solution to help us identify and deal with them all. I mean, have you ever noticed that it’s easy to blame everything and everyone but ourselves?

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One thing you cannot avoid – change

Hey guys, it’s time. It’s this time of a year when, like a hopeful child, many of us will write down the resolutions. Let me say it, it’ll be a month or two, or even a few when you’ll decide to ditch some of them. Because we treat the life as predictable, we like to think that we’re in control – this is what every self-help book will tell you. But what they often forget to add is that change is inevitable and always when there’s a constant there’s also a change.

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The importance of unplugging

Right in the middle of a raging chaos there you stand. Why raging? Well, look at how much information you have to deal with. Phones ringing, people arguing, be it your friends, family or you yourself, TV set always on, music on every corner, you hear what your neighbours are up to, there’s always some sound. That’s why when you feel irritated day by day it’s high time to unplug and finally hear the silence.

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What do you, actually, want?

Although I’m pretty much sure that you’ve heard the question at least a million times, have you ever given it a thought? I mean, really, when you’re uncomfortable with someone, something, can you find enough strength to ask yoursels wtf is it that you actually want? ‘Cause if you can, then congrats, as you’re on a road of self-development and understanding, the best that you could have chosen.

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Fighting uncertainty of a grown-up’s life

What do you do when not everything goes according to a plan you’ve once woven in your head? There is one certainty in life and it’s called a change. In other words, you may have plans, you may see yourself somewhere in your life, but one thing you can’t be immune to is change. The sooner you accept it, the better. We want things, we pursue things, but on the way we change direction. Uncertainty is a what spices our lives, and uncertainty can be in our favour if we learn how to live with it our own way. 

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